Sarah was 8 weeks pregnant and very fragile and confused when I met her.  Her partner had left her and wanted her to have an abortion.  His mother wanted her to have an abortion too.  She was from overseas and her English was not 100 percent. ​

She had to move from her place as the rent on her own was too much.  So she was dealing with the pain of losing someone she still loved, being pregnant, basically homeless and no family to support her in this country and no idea of the financial support she could get. 

She at this stage was booked in for an abortion 2 days later.​

We spent a few days loving on her and bringing people into her world that would support and help her through her pregnancy if she decided to keep the baby.  We managed to find her a room to rent.  She did  get to a calm place and was able to make an informed decision about her pregnancy.

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